"Michael Covel's Little Book of Trading is a must-read guide to help you succeed in the shark-infested waters of the investment world."

Cullen Roche, Pragmatic Capitalism

The Little Book of Trading

The Little Book of Trading

The last decade has left people terrified of even the safest investment opportunities. This fear is not helping would-be investors who could be making money if they had a solid plan. The Little Book of Trading teaches the average person rules and philosophies that winners use to beat the market, regardless of the financial climate.

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Nurture trumps nature; Talent is overrated.

Learn to make money without a special degree or child prodigy IQ. Market profit is about the right mentoring and practice, not genetic gifts, inborn talents, or Asperger's memory brilliance.

The onerous research homework is done for you.

What if there was an underground way to make money that did not require buy & hope, mutual funds, CNBC, Warren Buffett, indexing, bailouts, politicians or divining future Fed actions—ever?

Can you transform your wealth potential in less than 4 weeks?

Numerous hall of fame trend traders were trained in less than a month.

Can you make the big money in less than 30 minutes a day?

Learn how to make millions in both up & down markets.

Trend following doesn't swear allegiance to bull or bear markets. It follows trends wherever they might go. No matter how ridiculous trends might appear early and no matter how insanely extended they might appear at the end, follow trends for profit.

Gain access to the world's great trend traders.

Take advantage of our 15+ years of intensive computational research—dating back to the 1800s. Our research library, combined with access to the world's great traders, gives a backdoor to insight not found in Google searches.

High performance coaching benefits can't be ignored.

Increase your confidence. Strengthen your discipline and decision-making. Improve your capacity for handling pressure, stress, losses, setbacks and errors. Personal coaching designed to give you the mental edge is the name of the game.

A global track record of real solutions.

6000+ students in 70+ countries. 150,000+ books sold. Live presentations across 4 continents to 1000s in Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Hong Kong, Houston, La Jolla, Las Vegas, Macau, Miami, Paris, São Paulo, Stanford, Tokyo and Vienna (Austria).

Adopt the revolutionary methods that obliterate Wall Street status quo thinking—now.

What Are People Saying?

"In The Little Book of Trading, Michael Covel has collected many gems of wisdom from some of the great traders of our time. After reading this book and piecing together all of the commonalities therein, you'll begin to understand what it takes to be successful in the markets. Ignore these key truths and one day you'll watch your account disappear."

Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.
President, The Van Tharp Institute

"The Little Book of Trading reveals the secrets from trend-following insiders giving you the freedom to trade all markets: interest rates, copper, currencies, stocks -- you name it! Covel encourages you to take that TV blaring CNBC and throw it right out the window. Charts cut the noise."

Addison Wiggin
Author of Demise of the Dollar
Executive Publisher, Agora Financial, LLC

"Michael Covel's unique insight into trading is invaluable. Both novice and experienced traders can benefit from Michael's thorough knowledge of markets around the globe. The Little Book of Trading is a must read for serious investors."

Louis G. Navellier
Chairman and Founder, Navellier & Associates, Inc.

"Imagine being in the circle of trust of some of the greatest traders of all time, knowing what made them successful and having them share heartfelt advice. Through the eyes of Michael Covel in The Little Book of Trading, you will truly feel this experience."

Murray A. Ruggiero Jr.
Contributing Editor, Futures Magazine
VP Research and Development, TradersStudio Inc.

"Michael Covel's Little Book of Trading is a must-read guide to help you succeed in the shark-infested waters of the investment world."

Cullen O. Roche
Founder and CEO, Orsus Investments, LLC
Proprietor of Pragmatic Capitalism

Table of Contents

Chapter One
Stick to Your Knitting
Gary Davis, Jack Forrest, and Rick Slaughter

Chapter Two
Someone's Gotta Lose for You to Win
David Druz

Chapter Three
No Guts, No Glory
Paul Mulvaney

Chapter Four
In a Land Far, Far Away from Wall Street
Kevin Bruce

Chapter Five
Think Like a Poker Player and Play the Odds
Larry Hite

Chapter Six
Stand Up, Dust Yourself Off, and Keep Going
David Harding

Chapter Seven
Throw Away the Fundamentals and Stick to Your Charts
Bernard Drury

Chapter Eight
Study Hard and Get an A+
Justin Vandergrift

Chapter Nine
You Can't Know Everything
Eric Crittenden and Cole Wilcox

Chapter Ten
Make It Work Across All Markets
Michael Clarke

Chapter Eleven
Stay in the Moment of Right Now
Charles Faulkner

Chapter Twelve
Sing the Whipsaw Song

About the Author

Michael Covel

Michael Covel is president of Trend Following™, a privately owned research firm with clients in more than 70 countries. He is the four-time bestselling author of The Little Book of Trading, Trend Commandments, The Complete TurtleTrader, and the classic Trend Following. His books have been translated into 10+ languages and Trend Following was named best trading book of the last 15 years.

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The Little Book of Trading

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The market has always fluctuated, but savvy traders know how to make money in good times and bad. Drawing on author Michael Covel's own trading experience, as well as insights from legendary traders, the book offers sound, practical advice in an easy to understand, readily digestible way.

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